And now the end is near


Well, that’s it. At 23.40 EDT tonight, I will be on a plane back out to the UK. We have one more trip to Buster’s Sea Cove planned and one last trip to see my lovely, lovely Lake Ontario.

It has been an amazing 180 days. Six months gone in a flash. I haven’t written half of the blog pieces I wanted to because, to be honest, we were out having too much fun. We haven’t done half of the things we planned, neither. Instead, we’ve just gone with the flow and enjoyed ourselves (oh, except that trip to Niagara Falls. Here’s a tip: if you want to go, drive there, get out, see the falls and then leave. Quickly. Do not, I repeat, do NOT waste any time in Niagara or the horribly commercialised area around the falls). Plus, since March, we’ve slept in ten different beds and the constant packing and unpacking is quite frankly too tiring once you hit my age, which is why other trips got knocked on the head.

And anyway – we need something to do when we come back 🙂

We are gutted to be leaving Toronto. Some things still bug us – I will never be convinced that the tipping culture is a good thing and guests to my new home in London, rest assured your shoes can stay on – but this is a fantastic city and I would highly recommend it. Don’t waste your time on Downtown, however; head off to the barrios where you’ll find true Toronto. (Oh, Montréal – great city but it rained non-stop.)

I have to give a big, big, big thank you to Rosie and Dave. Your advice, nights out and friendship have helped enormously and I will miss you very much. I hope this is hasta luego and not adiós. And of course, massive hugs to my family in Calgary for an amazing week.

It’s also eight years and eight months since Ged and I left the UK. It has been an amazing time and I have learned so much. Everyone should live in another country for some part of their lives.

So, that’s it. I’m stopping writing now before the tears start. Plus, my halibut is waiting to be fried. Thanks for reading my blog and for all the positive comments you’ve sent me.

It has been a truly AWESOME experience.



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