Pekin in


Kensington Market lies slightly beyond Toronto’s amazing Chinatown (crap picture above, sorry). In my native Newcastle, Chinatown stretches a couple of streets and contains some great restaurants offering (the usual) Chinese fare. In Toronto, we’re talking about an entire neighbourhood filled with Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai – you name it, it’s there, offering up sushi, dumplings, noodle bars, soup, rice, chow mein… although I don’t think the chicken and pineapple you get there will be quite the salmon-pink, gelatinous offering so beloved of my Mam. You can’t please everyone.

Throw in markets stalls and supermarkets with ingredients that your average Madrileño would shy away from (“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. I have looked upon foreign food…”) and you have my idea of heaven.

Who knows, some day I might even know what exactly they’re selling and be able to buy some.


4 thoughts on “Pekin in

  1. If you guys have time I would try and venture to the T&T on Cherry Street. It’s a vastly improved version of the supermarkets in Chinatown but at the same time it’s just a shadow of the Asian megamarts in Richmond Hill and Markham.

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