… Chips…

Right, then, you’re tired and mildly tipsy. A typical end to a night out, right? So how do you finish it off properly? With chips, of course. But then there comes that moment, when you’re standing in the chip-shop queue, when you’re not sure whether to have cheesy chips or chips with gravy. Ooooh, decisions, decisions…

Well puzzle no more, dear gourmet, in Canada, you can have both thanks to the delicious poutine: chips and cheese curds smothered with rich, tasty gravy whose recipe I’m sure Gordon Ramsay would kill for. It even makes overpriced lager taste good. Throw in a couple of friendly, helpful bartenders and it was the perfect end to a long, tough day.

 And yes, we even left 15 per cent tip.

 For more on the gorgeous poutine, check out http://www.montrealpoutine.com.


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